Belle’n’Bear was created and launched to bring the best service and quality products with better prices to it’s customers using my knowledge of parenthood and child development.  

Now I am using my 5 years’ experience in network marketing to bring something that distributors need….a company tailored to them with products proven to sell at reasonable prices. A company that cares if they succeed. Not for the income but because I have been where you are. I have been dazzled by the promises of high income and financial freedom. And at the end of it all I felt like just a tiny little pawn to fill a big corporate CEO’s pocket. So here we aim to keep an open door policy with close knit and supportive teams, whether your in this company or not. 

My promise? To keep on putting customer service and distributors support first and to bring you the best prices , the compensation plan and more importantly the best support system and training possible.  

So what sets our products apart?  

We are not like the many make-up/ health companies you see with 100’s of competitors. Our market, although popular, is not saturated within affiliate marketing and we have great products that can’t be found in other companies. We bring parents items that babies’ really need, love to play with and really help mum and dad out. We also believe in giving back which is why a lot of our products and ALL of our Handmade range is sourced from work at home mums and dads. 

So if your ready to join this brand new venture go ahead and follow the link provided. 

If you need more info pop us a message or contact the distributor that referred you.